Cancellation & Returns

We at V. A. Mayekar Opticians assure our customers of product satisfaction beyond their expectation we warranty for our product only against any manufacturing defects for 1 year. We  have categorical our products in 2 different divisions namely prescription and non-prescription (made to order) goods the terms and condition are same for both the categories however in case of non-prescription goods there are changes as those goods are made to order goods let us have a quick view over our below mentioned cancellation & return policy.


1. In case of cancellation / return of any goods we require a written mail from id which is already provide to us at the time of placing an order with the order reference mentioned in mail or you can directly call on our customers care no 7700039977 or you can feel free to contact us for any of the sources mentioned ahead our customer care representative will call you and attend you with in 24 hrs. That caser the cancellation/ return form will be made available for you which is to be filled your side and send to us. The procedure will be explained to you by our customer care representative.


2. If the cancellation request is registered with us before delivery of your product and later you receive the product you need to inform V. A. Mayekar Opticians customer service team, they will add web credit note to your account worth order value. Customer needs to use this web credit note within 1year from the date of issue, otherwise it will be forfeited.


3. We do not have any Refund Policy however, Refund will be at the sole discretion of Management for special cases and it will be refunded after deducting Bank Transaction Charges.


4. In case if you receive the shipment in damage condition we request you not to accept the goods and call our customer care immediately.


5. In case if you have already placed the order but not yet received the order with in the time mentioned you need to contact customer car immediately or our customer care representative may also call you.


6. In case if the goods returned by you are founded damaged or we observe any signs of usage of those goods by customer, the customer will be liable to pay the damage which will be conveyed by our customer service representative.


7. The above points are applicable in case of prescription goods however in case od made to order goods point no.4,5 and 6 are applicable. Being non-prescription goods, they are altered and customized as per there requirement of customers. Those goods once sold can’t be taken back or alteration. Hence no refund policy applicable besides points no 4, 5 and 6.


8. Customized lenses fitted in frame will not be taken back. In case you feel any difficulty in product adjustment in terms of fitting or vision correction, you may approach any of our showrooms with your purchase reference and they will be pleased to assist you.


9. Exchange and Return Policy for opened Contact Lens Boxes will not be entertained.


10. In case if the customer needs to exchange rather than willing to cancel the order, he need to follow the producer mentioned for the cancellation. The additional procedure he needs to follow is only to place the order for the goods he need to exchange. However in case of difference in value the same can be adjusted one either of the sides. The same will be guided by our customer care representative.


11. If the cancellation/ exchange is done in case of goods the same can be done by the customer as guided by our customer service representative. For e.g. if the order is placed for quantity of 4nos. and only one no. quantity is to be accepted & the rest 3nos. is to be returned the customer can do the same as per guidance of our customer care representative.


12. If the shipment is not received as per the order places or if it is defective bring to our notice within 7 days of receipt of shipment.


13. For your own protection, we advise all buyers to follow consignment tracking procedure.


14. All our cover a warranty of one year against manufacturing defect. We will repair/ replace our product until it is in warranty. Only under special clauses the call will be taken if the product is intentionally tampered in such case the customer should communicate about the same through any of the mentioned sources our representative will call you/ attend your query and suggest for further proceedings further you need to send the same toured for inspection. We advise our customers not to attempt to do any repair to the product yourself we cannot accept product that have been tampered with and the warranty will turn void. Your further proceedings will be conveyed to you once we receive the product at our end it is duly inspected by our inspection division.


15. Coverage of warranty: product wise.


16. The warranties of replacement have certain clauses too. If the product is supplied and the customer wish to replace the same as per return policy after same duration & if the product id discontinued the customer can option for similar product depending upon the availability however. We assure our customer for making availability of the same product.